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To get involved in Kristianstads Nation is a unique way to get to know tons of new and wonderful people. We look forward to getting to know you better and to show you all that the student life has to offer!

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The sittning is hosted every Friday. Included is a three course dinner with a pre-drink! Perfect start for a night out!


Office opening hours: Mon: 11-13, Tue: 11-13, Wed: 11-13 & 17-19, Thur: 15-17, Fri: 11-13 E-mail us at

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Week 21 at Kristianstads Nation


(Svenska) Vecka 21 på Kristianstads Nation!


Counter candidates ahead of the semester’s 3rd Nation Meeting, the 23rd of May

Tjo Göingar! These are the counter candidates ahead of the 3rd Nation meeting on Thursday, the 23rd of May! Did you forget to candidate and want still become one of our great foremen? Please note that it’s possible to counter candidate for the foremen positions on Thursday as well! See you on Thursday at 6pm…





Matmeny vecka 6