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To get involved in Kristianstads Nation is a unique way to get to know tons of new and wonderful people. We look forward to getting to know you better and to show you all that the student life has to offer!

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The sittning is hosted every Saturday. You get a three course dinner with a pre-drink and free entry to the club right after!


Office opening hours: Mon: 11-13, Tue: 11-13, Wed: 11-13 & 17-19, Thur: 15-17, Fri: 11-13 E-mail us at



(Svenska) Utlysning av ansvarsposter



Available positions at the nation!

These are the available positions for the Spring and Fall semester 2019 which you can candidate for och nominate your friends! Last day to submit the nominations is Sunday, the 25th of November. UTLYSNING AV FÖRTROENDEPOSTER NM3


Kristianstad’s nation’s scholarships for Fall semester 2018

Kristianstad’s nation offers many different scholarships every semester. Now it’s the time for the fall semester scholarships!  You can now apply for Kristianstads Nations scholarships for fall 2018. You can apply if you have finished 4 semesters of full time studies and are enrolled as a member of Kristianstads Nation this and previous semester. Click […]




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