Kristianstads Nation’s House was built in 1957. It’s close to LTH and EC but still only a few minutes away from the city center; this is the ideal place to live in Lund! The dorm rooms all have their own bathroom with shower, a storage unit, and of course their own balcony! You share a kitchen and common area with 8 other students!

Behind every sky-blue balcony with white dots lives an active member. Living here you have access to: the volleyball field, the pool, parking, sauna and laundry room. There is an ICA nearby (grocery store) and buses to Malmö and Lund city center just outside the house!

Do you want to live here? Of course you want to!

The house:
4 apartments (2 rooms and kitchen)
1 apartment (1 room and kitchen)
45 dorm rooms

(Apartments in Sweden does not count the kitchen and bathroom as “rooms” but 2 rooms means 1 bedroom and 1 living room, 1 room means that the bedroom and living room is combined)