[We are rebuilding the website, more info to come!] NOMINATE A FOREMAN


Kristianstads Nation is the ideal nation for those who want to get involved in Lund’s student life! The nation is of average size and we have a variety of fun activities. Working is a simple and fun way to quickly become a part of the group and meet new wonderful people.

For example you can cook for one of our food activities, design our posters with the PR-group, work for one of our bars, serve drinks, play sports, or participate in Lund’s best nation spääx!

Do you want to work and have fun with us? Follow us at Facebook and join the group “Workers at Kristianstads Nation” to get more information!

If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can always send an email to for help!

Are you interested in having more responsibility, developing as a leader and participating in the development of the nation, you can apply to be a foreman. If you are interested in becoming a forman – contact! More information is also available HERE.