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Why Kristianstads Nation?

Kristianstads Nation is one of Lund’s smaller nations, and one of the most charming ones. We are the only nation in Lund that has a beach volleyball court and a pool! We also have the most awesome outdoor seating among the nations.

Since we are a pretty small nation, you quickly get to know the members of the nation. We have several kinds of activities which you can choose to get involved in. The nation has something for everyone! We have a pub, a bar, a spääx, sports, baking, a café, and several other activities. To get involved in an activity is a good way of getting to know more of the members of the nation and to friends for life!

How do I become a member of Kristianstads Nation?

Firstly, you need to register at For that you will need your registrations number (LU-XXXX) which you can find at your letter of admission from

Then you come to Kristianstads Nation, Tornavägen 7 (the house with dotted balconies). During the first weeks of the semester, you go to the left up the stairs into 115 where our kind foremen will help you register. They will offer you “fika” and you can ask them anything about being a student in Lund. If you want to register later during the semester, you are welcome to come to the nation during office hours, and the quratel will help you.

Don’t forget your letter of acceptance and personal identification.

Enrollment opening hours

26 August – 20 September
opening hours to come

Outside of these dates you are welcome to enroll during the office opening hours.