We are happy that you are here! Congratulations on your admission and welcome to Lund! Your student adventure begins now!

At Kristianstads Nation our novischforeman together with out international secretary have planned for a welcome you won’t forget! You only get the opportunity of being a novisch once – make sure to enjoy it! The enrollment starts 14th  of January , you can read more about how to become a memeber here. The novisch activities starts already on the 17th of January and are ongoing until the 17th of February. We will even organize a novice party together with our neighbors Helsingborg-Landskrona nation on the 2nd of February – you will not miss this!

Our novischformen are here for you, and if you have any questions you can contact them at You are also welcome to come by our office at Tornavägen 7.

In Lund you will be thrown into a world of new concepts, customs and traditions as many students in Lund before you. Behind many of the traditions are the nations, which have become a major part of the attraction for many to study in Lund. At Kristianstads Nation we have been welcoming new students with open arms and supported our members through good times and bad since 1890 – and this is something that we intend to keep doing. We hope that you will like it here and that you will get to know friends and contacts for life!

At Kristianstads Nation we have a lot of different activities – from pub to sports to spääx. If you want to know more about our activities you can read more here. Time flies when you are a novisch, and we hope that you will come here often even after your time as a novisch – either as a guest, or as an active member – worker or foreman.

The year 2018 was very exciting for our nation – we have renovated our venue! After several months of demolition and drilling has our beloved Gillis changed into a modern and nice restaurant- and pub-venue. We can wait anymore and are looking forward to January when we are going to open again! Do not miss re-opening of our pub on the 16th of January and the grand opening of our brand new activity – BAR on Saturday, the 19th of January!

In our beautiful nation building, which is recognized by the dotted blue balconies, we have accommodation, that you can apply for here. There are a few rooms reserved for novisches – especially for those who choose to get involved in the nation.

See you soon!

Ett, två, tre, tjo göingar!

Greetings from

Barbora Harmatová, Qurator