Are you a student visiting Lund? Do you want to experience the student life? Bring your ID and student card to the office during opening hours and we will help you get a guest card. If you can’t come to the office personally you can send pictures/copies of the cards to a friend who can visit the office and we will help you arrange a guest card. A guest card costs 70 SEK and is valid for a week on all the nations in Lund.

To be eligible for a guest card, you have to be a student at a college or a university. Your student card must be valid for the current semester and it needs to have “university” or “college” printed on it. If the student card doesn’t state this, you should ask the university for a certificate stating that you are studying at the moment, prior to the visit. You can’t buy a guest card if you are a student at Lund University, but you always have the posibility to become a member of Kristianstads Nation.