Special Edition SVENSK POP – Kristianstads Nation proudly presents Club Huset’s special edition! On the 4th of March between 22-02, DJ XXXXX will play the best of Swedish Pop music! You will definitely not be able to resist singing along to the songs while letting the rhythms blasting from the speakers guide your body. Additionally, entrance will be free until 23.30!
Club Huset – Huset is Kristianstads Nation’s night club that has two bars, a lounge area, a large outdoor area, and one dancefloor! The speakers will be playing Pop music that can be sung along to on the dancefloor. The atmosphere is always amazing together with fantastic pop music, drinks, food, and mood.

Where: Kristianstads Nation
When: 4th of March
Time: 22-02
What’s needed: 18 years + student ID