Our organisation:

The nation meeting

The nation meeting serves as the nation’s highest governing organ. All members are entitled to vote on the meetings that take place three times per semester. Here representatives are elected, the budget is decided and other reports are reviewed.

Inspector and Pro-Inspectors

Jan Eric Larsson is the nation’s Inspector and keeps a watching eye on the nation. Inspector is the nation’s principal representative, which means that he is the president of the nation meeting and the senior staff meetings.

Our Pro-Inspectors, Ola Troedsson and Emma Odsell Jangö, help the Inspector in his work and also keep an extra eye on issues regarding the nation’s economy. Pro-Inspector can be explained as deputy Inspector.


Seniors is the board of the nation. They prepare cases before the nation meeting and discuss the strategic guidelines for the nation.

The Senior Staff Notary

The Senior Staff Notary records the nation meetings and senior staff meetings and ensures that these protocols are adjusted and posted. The Senior Staff Notary is also responsible for the nation’s archives.


The quratel is the nation’s highest executive body and consists of two people working full time; the Quartor and the ProQurator Economy, and four people working part time; the ProQurator Social, the PR-manager, the Restaurant Keeper, and the Notary.

The quratel leads the nation’s everyday business to actively promote diversity and equality within the nation as well as to actively discourage discriminatory treatment at the nation. They consult the senior staff before major investments or decisions of strategic importance and take the measures laid upon them by nation meeting or seniors.


Every activity is run by one or two formen.

Foremen are responsible to:
– perform to the best of their ability, and to develop and lead the work of his/her workers
– responsibly manage the resources made available by the nation
– together with ProQurator Social continuously evaluate and improve his/her work
– train new foremen
– participate in various activities for the foremen

The Nomination Committee

The nomination committee interviews and prepares all the nominees for elected office, except those elections prepared by the senior staff .

The House Board

The nation owns the house that we use, Snapphanegården, which is managed by the house board. Residential building economy is managed separately from the nation.
The residential building board consists of Inspector, Proinspector, and Qurator, as well as representatives from each dorm.


Catja Freiburghaus and Anders Nelsson volunteer as the nation’s nonprofit accountants. They review the nation’s accounts.