The Inspector is the nation’s formal leader, which means that he watches over and promotes the nation. The Inspector should be an academic teacher and, by tradition, usually is a professor. Historically, the position was created by the university to keep an eye on the students, when it was realized that it was difficult to outlaw the nations. At Kristianstads Nation, the Inspector presides over the meetings of the nation and the senior staff meetings. He also represents the nation in different ways, such as appearances at others nations’ events and give speeches at student events in Lund.

10900089_10152555537887478_8303662770178070563_oAnu Uus and Jan Eric Larsson

Jan Eric Larsson

On October 24th, 2013 Jan Eric Larsson was elected Inspector of Kristianstads Nation. Jan Eric is a professor of information technology at Lund University, with research interests in artificial intelligence and knowledge-based systems. He is also founder and CEO of GoalArt, which is a spin-off company from his research group at the university.

Together with Gustav Bergman and Robert Vass, Jan Eric created Krischanstaspääxet in 1985, and was leader, writer, and director during 1985-1993. In the spääx Tjogun he appeared on stage as Low Noise, Japan’s foremost singer. Jan Eric also created the One Hundred Club (the alumni society of the spääx), and holds Chair 101 in this society.

Anu Uus is the Inspectrix and married to Jan Eric Larsson. She is a mathematician from Estonia and holds financial manager positions in work. She also started Rosa Marschen (the Pink March), a charity event in support of breast cancer research, arranged by the Computer Science Students at Lund University.

Jan Eric and Anu are also the Inspector’s couple at D-sektionen (the Computer Science Students at Lund University), since 1992.



Many nations have appointed one or several Proinspectors. These elected individuals are not academic teachers, but are regular civilians that are old members of our nation. They support the Inspector with knowledge and contacts from business life. If needed, they can also temporarily represent and take on the duties of the inspector during events and meetings. The Proinspectors at Kristianstads nation are Ola Troedsson and Emma Odsell Jangö.

Ola Troedsson

Ola Troedsson started his studies in Lund 1971 and immediately fell for the student life of Lund. He moved to Kristianstads Nation where he lived in many years at corridor 3S. During his years as a student, Ola had several posts at the nation, among others ProNotarie, ProQurator and övermarskalk for Snapphanefesten several years.

When the studies ended 1977 and Ola got his degree in law, his succesfull career started both in Sweden and abroad. After diferent leading positions at Perstorp PLM and Brio, Ola came to IKEA, where he worked as  administration manager Asia, investment manager for deliveries and CIO. Although, perhaps the most outstanding achievement in Olas career could be that he during his time at PLM year 1986 introduced the well known wastebasket for Lundakarnevalen.

Emma Odsell Jangö

Emma Odsell Jangö came to Lund 2003 and eventually landed at Kristianstads nation and corridor 2S. She had, during her time as a student, several posts at the nation, among others lunch-, kalas- and tandemforman and seniors. Emma was 2005 a part of the quratel, at first as sexmästare and then as ProQurator Social. During the years 2007 to 2009 Emma was operations mangager at Akademiska Föreningen. As her last full time student engagement, Emma was Festmästare in the karneval committee for Lundakarnevalen TJUGOTIO.

Emma has since then been working as a project leader for the Scouts and as operations manager for Konungens Stiftelse Ungt Ledarskap, a foundation that lifts young role models to act with curage, consideration and decisiveness. Today, Emma works as risk and crisis managing consultant at 4C Strategies and she lives in Lund.