In the student culture of Lund there are plenty of student songs that are sung during various events. These songs have been written since the university was founded in the 17th century. Many nations and unions have their own collection of these songs in their songbooks. At Kristianstads Nation we of course have our own songbook and it is available to buy in the office during opening hours.

Some songs live long and some are forgotten. This songarchive is made so that we will not forget the popular student songs that have been sung in our halls through the years. We hope that you find the song you are looking for, or perhaps you find new exiting songs!

(Please remember that some songs have been written ironically, have a story behind them, or have been written to play with the line of whats okay to sing about. That line has moved back and forward through the years; therefore some of the old songs are outside the norms of today. If you find a song that you reckon shouldn’t be in our archive, please contact us at

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