Kristianstad’s nation is renovating and building new houses

Kristianstad’s nation is building new houses

The nations in Lund are gathering places where you can study, live, party and rest. Each nation serves as a second home for its members. Therefore, we in Kristianstad’s Nation thinks that it is important that the nation has good housing.
The current Snapphanegården was completed in 1957. In the fifties, the number of students in Lund increased greatly and it became housing shortage. The state and Lund municipality helped the nations to build housing. Since then, the university has become even more and there has further been housing shortage since the eighties.

Now the old Snapphanegården has definitely become too small. Therefore, we are planning to build two new houses in connection with the old one, and tie all three with a glazed entrance. We will also expand our party room “Gillisstugan” and renovate the old house.
Kristianstad’s nation development project is part of a larger vision, Campus Lund, where Lund University and AF Bostäder are included. Together we want to make the area a living student city, ready to welcome new students and take care of those who are already studying.

Info about the project

Kristianstad’s nation and Kristianstad’s nations Student Accommodation has since 2011 been working together to secure the nation’s needs partly to meet current fire- and food safety requirements and partly to ensure more high-standard, high-standard student housing for affordable rentals. This work has now been completed and divided into three phases:

Phase one encompasses a total rebuilding of the current nation, with new kitchens, new equipment, access to staff-rooms and more seats for seatings, just two mention a few examples. This work will take place during the period 12 March – 15 August 2018, and in August is scheduled for an opening ceremony of the new premises for members, tenants, donors and others who have helped us with the work.

Phase two implies a planned extension of the nation’s housing, which will include, inter alia, a new entrance to the nation, a new expedition and more than doubling the number of residents in the nation.This phase is still part of the drawing board, and the study should not continue until the funding is fully secured so that it can not interfere with the nation’s or student accommodations continued existence.

Phase three is scheduled to occur after the expansion: a renovation of the existing residential building is planned, to update everything from sewers to the internet and corridor kitchens.

Donation information:
You who are interested in being part of this exciting time in the nation’s history are more than welcome to show your support. Mainly by donating a big or small sum to our project. We are also happy to receive good advice or conveyance of interesting contacts.

Plaques in the entrance:

“Krischanit” – 1500 kr, small plaque
“Göing” – 3000 kr, medium sized plaque
“Snapphane” 5000 kr, large plaque
“Ursnapphane” 50,000 SEK, huge large plaque + 1 year advertisement on the website and in printed material

Plaques in the house

5000 SEK – small plaque on any apartment / room door (ie possibility to name a room)
7000 SEK – plaque on any place in the house

Gilli’s new bar
New basement hall
New entrance

The house swishnr is 123 527 36 51
Donation bankgiro 673-6300

More information comes on continuously during the work.