Seniors’ work during this semester

Seniors are the nation board and works with the nation’s long-term goals and strategies for moving the nation forward. Seniors are ultimately responsible for the nation’s and its financial accounting.

During last semester seniors worked in different workgroups.

Down below you can find date (time & place) for the workgroups this semester, these meetings are not decision meetings but discussion meetings. Members are more than welcome to participate in the discussion meetings, if you want to participate please send an e-mail to

Seniors spokesperson this semester is William Bronge, the easiest way to get in contact with him is to send an e-mail to

If you have any questions you should primarily turn to our spokesperson and notary ( All members of seniors have a duty to keep your secrets if needed. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions, if something happened, or if you want to give a suggestion.

Discussion meetings

    1. Datum: 29/1 Tid: 19:00 Plats: 115
    2. Datum: 26/2 Tid: 19:00 Plats: 115
    3. Datum: 2/4 Tid: 19:00 Plats: 115
    4. Datum: 2/5 Tid: 19:00 Plats: 115
    5. Datum: 4/6 Tid: 19:00 Plats: 115