How do I register at Kristianstads Nation?
You come to us, Tornavägen 7 (the house with spotted balconies). During the first weeks of the semester, you go to the left up the stairs to 115, where our kind foremen will help you register. They will offer you a “fika” and you can ask them about all thoughts you have on how it is to be a student in Lund. If you want to register later during the semester, you are welcome to Kristianstads nation during office hours, and the Quratel will help you.
I want to work at the nation, what to do?
An easy way is to join the Workers at Kristianstads Nation group on Facebook; our foremen often post here when they need help. You can also contact one of our friendly foremen by e-mail, you will find the addresses here. They will be delighted to hear from you. We are always in need of people who want to work here. Of course you can also call the Quratel on 046-148018, or come in to the office and sign yourself up on our working lists. You can also write an e-mail to expen@krnation.se. Your e-mail is guaranteed to be forwarded to the right person.
How do I book a sittning (three course dinner)?
You come to our office during opening hours or you can book directly by email to expen@krnation.se. We take requests, but no reservations, over the phone. In order to make your booking you must pay 50 SEK per person attending your sittning, your booking will not be guaranteed until this fee is paid. The absolute last day to book a sittning and pay the fee is Friday the week before your sittning, but if you like to be sure about your reservation, you should do it as soon as possible as the seats are selling like hotcakes! Usually you need to book at least two weeks in advance. Friday the week before the sittning is also the last day to pay the remaining cost, which is 100 SEK per person. The foremen at the nation only pay half the price (50 SEK in booking fee and 25 SEK in remaining cost).
What do I need to get into a nation?
In order to get into any nation in Lund, you need a valid Studentlund card and an ID card. If you don’t have a valid Studentlund card because you haven’t received it yet, you are welcome to the office during the office hours to get a certificate stating that you have paid the student card fee for the current semester.
How to fix a guest card for a visiting friend?
Bring the ID card and the student card (or ask the person to e-mail copies of the them to expen@krnation.se) for the person who will come and visit, and buy a guestcard for 70 SEK at the office. The student card must be valid for the current semester and it needs to have “university” or “college” printed on it. If the student card doesn’t state this, your guest should ask the university for a certificate stating that he/she is studying at the moment, prior to the visit. The guest card is valid one week on all the nations in Lund.
What to do if I haven’t received the bill for my student card?
Bring your letter of acceptance or certificate from the academic department where you study, and then go to the office and we will print you a new one. Do not forget to notify us if you change your address.
What to do if I lose my student card?
Contact the nation, state your personal number, address, and a description of what happened. We will make sure that you get in contact with the right person. You are always welcome to contact expen@krnation.se!
How to get housing at Kristianstads?
Fill out this form. If you have further questions you can send an e-mail to our houseforeman at husforman@krnation.se.
How do I become a foreman?
The nomination period is once every semester when all vacant posts are announced. Information about the posts is available on our website, as well as on our bulletin board during the time of nomination. Anyone can nominate, and apply for the various posts. Did you miss the time of nomination? Do not hesitate to get in touch with the office as it often may be posts that aren’t filled. You can also take a look at our list of foremen if there are any vacant posts.
How do I change my address?
Many are registered at their place of birth; therefore we can’t retrieve information from a central register. If you lack the bill for the semester, your student card or you never receive any e-mails from the nation, it is likely that you have not registered your new address. Send an e-mail to expen@krnation.se with your old and new address, and your personal number, and we’ll take care of it.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact expen@krnation.se, and we will do our best to help you!